Chairman's Introduction

Ben R - Chairman

Ben R - Chairman

The Hunters is a place for people to come and learn more about themselves, get fit, tackle stress and make new friends through the awesome and inclusive sport of rugby. We are a band of brothers that are open to guys of all backgrounds, experiences and identities and I’d ask you come give rugby a go
— Ben R - Chairman
Before joining The Hunters I’d never played Rugby before, the guys were so welcoming and really helped me understand the game and made me feel part of the team, Its been the best experience and I’ve gained loads of new friends
— Mark H.

Who Are We?

The Leeds Hunters RUFC is an inclusive rugby club. The Club's primary aim is to provide, for any adult male aged 18 or over irrespective of race, sexual orientation, ethnicity and level of fitness or experience, a safe environment in which to enjoy the game of rugby. For all members, players, supporters and volunteers, The Leeds Hunters will always strive to foster an environment of mutual respect, equality, tolerance and teamwork, as well as promote cooperation, friendship and compassion both on and off the pitch.

The aims and objectives of the club will be:  

•   To offer playing and coaching opportunities in Rugby Union    
•   To promote the sport of Rugby Union    
•   To provide all services in a way that is fair to everyone    
•   To ensure that all present and future members receive fair and equal treatment    
•   To uphold the Rugby Core Values    
•   To provide a safe environment for members of all abilities to enjoy the game of rugby.