Ed Shaw

Name: Edward Shaw

Age: 19

Work: Waiter/bartender/coffee barista

What’s your favourite (rugby!) position? Fullback

How long have you been with The Leeds Hunters? From the very beginning!

What experience did you have of playing rugby before joining The Leeds Hunters? I used to play for an amateur rugby league team back home in Wigan

What made you take the plunge and decide to join The Leeds Hunters? I wanted to make new friends and get back into enjoying sport

What is the best bit about being a part of The Leeds Hunters family? The best bit about being in the family is that it actually is a family, no matter what happens someone is always there to help and support you 👍

What have been the positive impacts on your life since you started playing rugby? Positive impacts for me are that I have lost a huge amount of weight, have a family away from home, somewhere to de-stress

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of joining The Leeds Hunters? I’d say don’t fret if things don’t go right for you at first, no-one is perfect, the Hunters welcome any ability of rugby and we can all learn

Guilty pleasure?

Hero? My parents or my granddad