We present another member of #TeamHunter for #MeetTheHuntersFor anyone has played against him, you will probably recognise him as being one of the fastest members of the team and inspires many of us with his fitness ability.

Name: Ian

Age: 38

Work: Oral Surgeon

What’s your favourite position? Wing

How long have you been with The Leeds Hunters? 
Over a year.

What experience did you have of playing rugby before joining The Leeds Hunters? 
Some experience at school and university, but not extensive.

What made you take the plunge and decide to join The Leeds Hunters?

I missed playing team sports, and was looking for a team where I could start again after a 19 year break from the sport. Joining a team where there were a number of new starters helped me to feel more comfortable with relearning rugby, as I wasn’t the only new boy in an established team.

What is the best bit about being a part of The Leeds Hunters family?

It’s given me an opportunity to expand my circle of friends, particularly as I’d not got many friends from the LGBT+ community prior to joining.

What have been the positive impacts on your life since you started playing rugby?

It’s been great getting back to a sport I loved before having to give it up due to injury, and having the opportunity to meet new people.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of joining The Leeds Hunters?

Come and give it a go, you might even enjoy it!

Guilty pleasure? Cheese!!!

Hero? Gareth Thomas