This Hunter though is doing something amazing this week for charity. He will be sleeping out in the elements this Thursday night in an effort to raise funds for the homeless charity Simon on the Streets. The link will be at the end, so please support him as much you can.

Name: Kier

Position: Fly half

When did you join #TeamHunter? January 2018

How did you first hear about the Hunters and what was it like when you first joined?

I knew of the Kings Cross Steelers and wondered if Leeds also had an inclusive team, so did a bit of research online. I was terrified when I first joined, I didn't know anyone there, didn't really know where I was going but forced myself to actually go and try at least one session and it was the best decision I've made. People were so friendly and supportive and it was so fun.

When I went along to my first training session, I was literally so scared about going the first time. I got off the bus, crossed the road and almost just got on the bus back home. But I went and it was awesome, everyone was really nice and welcoming. We mostly did fun games, mini team games and rugby based things, it didn't even feel like exercise (until the next day). The good thing is that it wasn't too rugby heavy straight away, I'd not played in about 7 years and was a bit worried I wouldn't be able to keep up but it was all pretty straight forward.

What’s been your favourite memory so far being part of the club?

Aside from playing rugby again, probably the Hunters Drag Race when I performed a little Christina Aguilera medley - particularly the wig reveal and death drop, the crowd were living for it.

Why do you think there is a need for an LGBT inclusive club?

I think we need inclusive clubs because they provide a welcoming, safe environment for anyone who wants to join, no matter their orientation. I've played rugby for a couple of teams and never felt so welcomed and accepted than at Hunters. I think playing sport can be great for mental health as it takes you away from your day-to-day stresses and you can keep fit and meet loads of new people.

What three words would you team mates use to describe you do you think?

Cheeky, fun & innocent.

To anyone reading this and debating #ShowUsYourTackle and joining Leeds Hunters, what would you say to them? Even if they’ve never picked up a rugby ball before.

DO IT!! There's absolutely no pressure so people can progress in their own way. The coaches and team are so supportive, you'll not get shouted at for dropping the ball or not knowing the rules inside out. Just come and give it a go, you'll love it - and if you don't you'll lose nothing by trying.

Please support Kier and the rest of his team at Water Lane Boathouse, Leeds to reach their fundraising target.