Paddy Kilbride

Name: Paddy Kilbride

Position: Number 3 - tight head prop

When did you join #TeamHunter? Summer 2016.

What experience did you have playing rugby before you joined? And what was your first session like?

I started playing rugby at six or seven years old. I’ve played at club, county and national level so I had a fair bit of experience before joining. I was getting tired of the super competitive forum I was playing in, and was looking for something more social. My first session was quite daunting, everyone seemed to be pretty good friends already. It didn’t take long for me to become one of the lads though and I’ve formed some really strong friendships from the team.

Why do you think having The Leeds Hunters is important?

I think it’s important because people can push themselves out of their comfort zones in a fun and safe way. Everyone is so supportive that even if you’re a completely beginner your skill set progresses massively both on and off the pitch. I’ve been playing for years and I’m still learning things, and I think it’s because the team really does look out for each other, and I feel comfortable to make mistakes and improve my skill set.

Were you scared of anything or nervous about playing rugby? How did you overcome it?

It’s nerve wracking joining a new team at any level you play, but you soon become assimilated to the team community if you take everything in your stride and are open to meeting new people.

What has been the best thing about being a Hunter? The socials, although the hangovers are probably the worst thing about being a hunter.