Name: Roger.

Position (rugby): Lock (aka 2nd Row).

When did you join #TeamHunter? June 2017.

What experience did you have playing rugby before you joined? And what was your first session like?

I played rugby from 9-17yrs of age for a local club and also went for County trials. I had the best part of 20 years away from the game and was nervous about getting back into it. The first session was great fun, friendly guys and a laugh which made it very relaxed and comfortable.

Why do you think having The Leeds Hunters is important?

The Leeds Hunters brings different communities together, we have members from so many backgrounds and we all learn from one another and feel part of a united and exciting entity. It helps break down barriers and paves the way to assist with equality, fairness and respect.

Were you scared of anything or nervous about playing rugby? How did you overcome it?

I was nervous about getting back into the sport and meeting so many new people but I met one of the guys before training and felt like I had a buddy to tag on too... so no excuses for anyone worried about not fitting it; you will!

What has been the best thing about being a Hunter?

The Hunters are now family to me. Amazingly this week had Mental Health Awareness Day and this family has given me the inner strength to get through some tough times in my life. The support, laughs, friendship and love that comes from being a Hunter cannot be bought!