Name: Zak

Age: 41

Work: Nurse

What’s your position? Wing.

How long have you been with The Leeds Hunters?

April 2017

What experience did you have of playing rugby before joining The Leeds Hunters?


What made you take the plunge and decide to join The Leeds Hunters?

I always wanted to join a sport team and be relaxed with who I am. The Hunters was an amazing opportunity for me also to the social aspect of it specially after I split off with my partner and lost mutual friends.

What is the best bit about being a part of The Leeds Hunters family?

The learning and the playing of the game. There is always fun and the great friendships I gained

What have been the positive impacts on your life since you started playing rugby?

The building up of my confidence and it is a perfect way to de-stress.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of joining The Leeds Hunters?

Definitely do it! You start to feel the benefits are immediately.